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Zoom Classes Mudra Of Highest Enlightenment 1 & 2 &3 with Susan Isabelle

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Mudra Of Highest Enlighhtenment! A 3 part 3 week Course

Susan will teach you how to open your 3rd Eye, Connect to True Life Force and The 1st Mudra Set which

a. Cleanses the Body of cellular programming/negativity, b. Heals the Body, c. Infuses New Life Force direct from Creator

The second week, you will expand your halo to receive the Highest's messages and understanding. Life changing! Susan has been teaching this at her Shambhala Center to people from around the globe!!

In your 3rd session, you will learn to open your Soul Body to enable you to access unbelievable gifts and abilities!!

Times will be arranged for each session. About 45 minutes each. Be sure to click both!

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