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Turritella Agate with Citrine Earth Healing Stone Necklace

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Turritella Agate with Citrine, An Earth Healing Stone Necklace!  Spectacular!

How did Turritalla Agate Form? ;About 50 million years ago, during the Eocene epoch, the young Rocky Mountains were almost finished growing, and the landscape of what is now parts of Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming consisted of rugged mountains separated by broad intermountain basins. Sediments began filling the lakes, and many types of fossils were preserved within them.

Abundant plants and algae grew on the margins of these lakes, providing a perfect habitat and food source for Elimia tenera, the freshwater snail. Their shells sank to the bottom of the lake, forming the brown fossiliferous agate (also known as chalcedony) that we know today as Turritella agate.

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