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"Restore Your Health" Session & Guidebook With Susan Isabelle


A SKYPE or TELEPHONE  SESSION for  1/2 Hour Plus receive Susan's  RESTORE YOUR HEALTH GUIDEBOOK  Susan Isabelle has been an Alternative Health Counselor and Master Teacher since the 1990's. She has held certifications as a Licensed Social Worker, Reiki Master Teacher, Melchizedek Shambhala Master,  in Zen Body Therapy, Macrobiotic Counseling and so many more modalities. More importantly, her abilities and experiences have restored many hundreds of people back to health and wellness. These success stories, have given her knowledge that cannot be learned in any other way than through her acute observation, use of prayer, use of specific types of meditation, use of and preparation of certain foods and herbal remedies.  

If you have a compromised immune system, have been diagnosed with any type of cancer or other type of disease, you will want to read this valuable information-today. Too many new age materials are written towards people that are well; if you are sick, you are weak and your body is not strong enough to consume or digest the raw foods that most everyone recommends you eat! In all the years of my making these recommendations, there has never been any physician objection to the recommendations that have been made. I encourage you to share them with your doctor freely.

Let me gently guide you to back to health! In our session, I may make specific food recommendations or prayers just for you. You will be contacted to arrange a time for our session shortly!

Susan Isabelle has prepared a "Guidebook for Restoration of Your Health" that will be sent to you after our session.  You must follow your doctor's prescriptions and recommendations and pre-approve any suggestions made in our sessions with your doctor.  


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