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Rare Genuine Pear Shaped Ametrine Ring 17.3 ct size 8

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Amazing Blue Green Ametrine 17.5 CTs. This pear shaped unheated stone originated in Brazil and has a hardness of 7. It is surrounded by Green Tsauorite 2.3 mm Garnets to total a ring value of 45.75 CTS. Size 8 in 925 sterling silver.

This ring was crafted in Thailand.   

Information;  Tsavorite is a trade name for the emerald-green variety of Grossular Garnet that originates in Africa. Tsavorite has become one of the most popular and expensive Garnets, due to its rarity .

Copper creates the blue green effect.

The only significant source of Ametrine is the Anahí Mine in Bolivia.  This mine is for all practical purposes the only source of Ametrine available in the gem trade. Although this gemstone deposit has been known to the natives for several hundred years, it is only since the 1980's that it has been worked on a commercial level. In the early days of commercial production of this mine, the locality was a bit obscured and dealers were frequently selling the gems with localities such as Brazil and Uruguay. Although Ametrine is known to have been found naturally in a few other South American Amethyst deposits, the finds are very sporadic 

Each Ametrine has its combination of colors in a different pattern. Ametrine gems are most often cut to product a stone half purple and half golden, although sometimes both colors are present as a mixture or other percentages are used. Sometimes a rounded checkerboard pattern is present on the stone with a clear distinction between the Amethyst and Citrine.

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