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Old Soul Earth Emerald Andara Obsidian 6- Pound

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When I look into her Emerald Andara eyes, I see the beginning of Earth; the records of all time. I bought this from a person who came into my Weed store at the base of Mt Shasta prior to 2010 before I even knew what the Andara were. I just liked her and held her back all this time. Now I know that the deep green color is because of the element of copper. As you know, copper is a great conductor of electrical energy and moves it very quickly! Once a gas during the eruption of Mt Shasta, the copper element quickly cooled to form this incredible 6-pound piece of obsidian! Place this anywhere you want things to move and change! 

Turned in certain lighting, you may see her face and eyes-look you will see! 

I cannot ship this outside of the USA due to insurance regulations unless there is a waiver and cleared prepayment-no returns on this crystal. 


Sacred Mountain Visions!