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GROUP Class ;How to work with your Activated Crystal Skulls with Susan Isabelle

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Meet Susan Isabelle, Keeper of the 13th Crystal Skulls given to her by the Maya. Susan is no longer doing group classes in person as she has done previously- BUT will now do this for your GROUP OF 3 OR MORE PERSONS on a ZOOM CLASS!

1-1/2  hour long, you will learn the many hidden mysteries and uses of the Skulls-until now!

Meet the 13th Crystal Skulls and receive a message as Susan reveals information about your specific skull's new abilities!

Connected to your energy and the 1 Mind, 1 Heart of Creator,  they can'read' the frequency around you. An amazing experience! 

You will receive a manual that is in PDF form to download and use after your class. Learn HOW to work with crystal skulls, the keepers of consciousness and profound information.Join us in our GLOBAL WORK!!


Sacred Mountain Visions!