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Gemstone Star Burst Spinel 14KT Gold Filled Necklace & Chain

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Gemstone Star Burst Spinel Gemstones 14KT Gold Filled Necklace & Chain. 

Spinel gems are brightly colored gemstones that are often mistaken for rubies or sapphires, according to Spinel gems appear as crystals in limestone, as grains in igneous rock and as pebbles in alluvial deposits.

Spinel gems are valued for their brilliance, hardness and variety of colors, notes Many famous rubies in crown jewel collections are actually spinels, including the Black Prince’s ruby that adorns the Imperial State Crown of England in the British Crown Jewels.

Spinel gems have a similar appearance to, but a different chemical composition than, rubies and sapphires, states Most ruby red spinels are mined in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

A French chemist produced the first synthetic s

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