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Ethiopian Welo Opal 2-3 MM Beads Necklace 28 CTS 18" Long

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This Ethiopian Welo opal beads necklace with larger stones, up to 3MM, will add the rainbow to your jewelry box.

With a magical, kaleidoscopic play of color trapped inside, this beaded necklace features uneven opals, making it a bold and bright piece. Adorn your neckline with this beauty and take your fashion to the new heights.

•    Crafted in stamped 925 sterling silver
•    Durable and hypoallergenic metal
•    Fine grade beads
•    Princess necklace
•    Secured by a S clasp with a chain extender
•    Opal stimulates originality and creativity
•    Opal is the birthstone of October
•    Never soak or immerse your opal jewelry

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