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Emerald Green Andara 75.9 Grams

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Emerald Green Andara 75.9 Grams Free shipping in the USA. International fees will apply. Your Andara Obsidian, Mono Atomic Crystal has been found right here at Mt Shasta! I am careful to ensure all are from Shasta’s volcanic area. A neighbor of mine was making a new driveway and suddenly found a few peach colored Andara chunks beneath the soil, hidden for many centuries. Some Andara have been in private collections from the 1980’s and 90’s and are now ready to bless the people! They were first discovered by a Native American woman called, “Lady Nellie, in 1969, who waited until the 1980’s to release them.It is said that the stone must not be mined, but we are to wait until the stone surfaces from the soil before using them. The stone, ‘gives itself’ when ready. So, no stones are mined; they are RARE and PRECIOUS!!!

Because crystals and Andaras "IMPRINT" almost immediately to the new owners, I do not accept returns. Crystals are known to "imprint" quickly In other words, they pick up the energy of those handling them. For this reason we do not take returns on crystals and Andaras in order to preserve the natural quality of the crystal and reduce handling. We also do not cut or alter the natural crystal, so some may have sharp edges. If you desire, you may file sharp areas, but we have found these crystals are very kind and do not harm!

If you would like more pictures or to discuss your purchase, please email me at For some larger purchases,( $200.00 or more) we may even do a zoom conference to discuss your beautiful crystal and to make sure you receive just the right one! 

No returns.

International shipments may be made but you will have to pay the actual shipping costs prior to shipping. 

What makes them so special is that they are actually pure elements , once in a powdery form hidden in our soil in pockets. They were then super- heated into a gaseous form probably from the eruptions here at Mt Shasta,  and then cooled into their beautiful colors! You may want to see the elemental charts to identify your Andara element.

Aman by the name of Dr. Bruce Tainioa soil expert, tested a sample in 1997 and Andara that was sent to him. The lab specialized in electromagnetic analysis of organic compounds and reported that the soil and Andara was an extraordinary substance with the presence of esoteric / first matter electromagnetic properties. It is also said that there are 78 identified elements in the soil around Mt Shasta, so you’ll have lots of colors and Andara properties to work with. They are sought after by healers from around the world. 

Andara IMPRINT to the new owner almost immediately, so we do not take returns.

They  are unlike any other stone you’ll ever work with! Susan Isabelle


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