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Elegant Welo Opal Cross on 18" 28 CTS Opal Rondel Chain

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Elegant  Welo Opal Cross on 18" Opal Rondel Chain     This Ethiopian Welo opal beads necklace will add the rainbow to your jewelry box. With a magical, kaleidoscopic play of color trapped inside, this beaded necklace features uneven opals, making it a bold and bright piece. Adorn your neckline with this beauty and take your fashion to the new heights.

  1. The Ethiopian Opal is volcanic in nature and found along the lines of where many ancient volcanoes were once active as well as beaches. One of the many different kinds of opal and gem found in the Welo district of Ethiopia, this opal is highly resistant to cracking or damage.

•    Crafted in stamped 925 sterling silver
•    Durable and hypoallergenic metal
•    Fine grade beads
•    Princess necklace
•    Secured by a lobster clasp with a chain extender
•    Opal stimulates originality and creativity
•    Opal is the birthstone of October
•    Never soak or immerse your opal jewelry

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