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Couple's Maya Glyph Compatibility Reading by Susan Isabelle

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Receive a beautiful typed Maya Glyph Reading by a PDF Download!  Give as a gift, and frame!Comes with a full explanation of your Soul's Energy, and so much more! Reading:Contact Susan Isabelle $45 or $90 for a couple!!email All I need is your birth date!

The above sample glyph is a snap-shot of your soul energy and your partner as you were born into the earth realm. Within the glyph, the Prime is the center glyph which really shows your primary soul energy. The other glyphs surrounding the Prime, explain the challenges and gifts, and supports to aid you on your life journey.

Center, Primary Soul Energy :

To the right is your Compliment, those things that flow to you with ease;

To your left, the glyph here represents your Challenge and Gift :

Above you is The Conscious Self;

Beneath You is Subconscious Self and Hidden Helper;

What I will be doing in the first segment is an Intuitive Reading that explains the glyphs and their positions and then combines all of the soul aspects of you as they relate to one another. I can provide you an overall life picture in this manner. There are over two hundred glyphs and I think thousands of various positions made possible from the moment of one’s birth, so each reading is individualized.

For couples, I send you a beautiful snap-shot of the two of you! In this way you will come to understand HOW you interact with one another! My clients are framing these!! Very useful for improving your relationships as you come to understand one another in a whole new way!!

In the second half I provide you with the Traditional Mayan Reading from the Mayan Oracle which explains each aspect individually. It is helpful to use both traditional and the Intuitive combined reading, as a guide and you may find the combination to be most valuable. 


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