By Gram Andaras In Store Call For Availability


By Gram Andaras In Store Call For Availability 530.926.1331

A $20.00 Andara is approximately 4-5 grams and are upon availability and our selection at hand in store. Most commonly those colors are green, red and yellow. 

We have a large selection of Andara that have been found in the areas around Mt Shasta for sale at $3.00 per gram and up. We are happy to send you photographs of colors and sizes to fit your needs. You may also purchase them through Paypal invoices through our store, as well as those listed on our website.          Andaras are so unique as the hold what we call, single element energy, the single color that forms the beautiful obsidian. Healers are very attracted to the Andara as they recognize the elemental quality within the stones and the energy enhancing ability to affect the human body for health and wellness. Just looking at the beautiful colors does that visually!


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