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Bloodstone Green & Red Maya Long Skull 2-1/4"

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 Bloodstone Green & Red Maya Long Skull 2-1/4" When you see mineral inside of a stone , you know the  quartz 'grew' quickly or absorbed a lot of energy from its surroundings. This indicates a 'fast energy' within the crystal!  Radiate Healing Transformational Energies into your home or  center by using an a pre-activated to the 13th Crystal Skull -the Heart Of The Child Next Generation Energies ll! Skulls are Natural Communicators of frequency and Thought. Reconnected to the One Mind, One Heart of the Heart Skulls, you bring in the New Dream of the Creator ! Bring Heaven to Earth and receive knowledge for transformation! Classes are available to learn more.

Free shipping in the USA. International fees will apply. Returns are not allowed as the Skulls ‘IMPRINT” your  energy very quickly. No international returns  Additional photos may be requested prior to larger purchases.

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