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Andara Chakra Sets/ Special Order Only

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Andara Chakra Sets/ Special Order Only-not always the same as pictured as stock rotates-we will send you a picture

Our sets are difficult to obtain as they are quite rare. When we do manage to assemble a complete set, they are sold by the gram, each stone weighing nearly 30 grams or so. An 8 stone set is approximately 240 grams at 4.00 per gram, or over 800.00 dollars!

We try to offer healers complete sets at a discount. Please call us if you would like a set from Mt Shasta. They are found on sacred native ground, are not mined, but only received when Mother Earth releases them to us. Each stone is an element, and is a powerful tool to be used by crystal healers!

Each set varies in size shape and color per availability. We'll put one together for you and send you pictures to confirm your purchase's requirements.

Instructions available! Sets are NO RETURNS 


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