Mt Shasta Shambhala Metaphysical Crystals & Sacred Mountain Visions
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Mt Shasta is one of the 7 Sacred Mountains of the Earth, Pilgrims come here from across the globe to experience the creative energies, to relax and enjoy the great beauty of this mountain, and to reconnect with Creator. Shasta has some of the most extraordinary obsidian in rainbow colors and stones that have been made into jewelry featured on our site. All stones "absorb" the energies of the areas they reside within and we have the great pleasure of sending them out to you throughout the world. Please know that when you obtain one of our treasures , they are blessed with beauty, love and the energy of this mountain!
A little of our history: The Shambhala Center was first started in Manchester, New Hampshire by Susan Isabelle in the 1980's She relocated to Mt Shasta and started her new store in Weed in 2004. She moved into a location in Mt Shasta City in 2010, and served the public at her store until the covid virus forced closure 2020. 

Update: 6/2020-An office and small store  has been opened at 590 Main Street #20 in Weed Ca 96094 with by appointment contact only.  530.926.1331

She is Keeper of the 13th Crystal Skull that was given to her by the Maya people in 2000 in Central America. You may learn more at, and you may want to purchase her books.

Susan  has provided this way to continue to serve humanity through this site and through her teaching.